AC200P not chargin

Quick question, is the AC200P capable of charging without being powered on?

It seems odd that I have to power on the unit to be able to charge it, even via A/C.

Is that a defect?

For AC it has to be powered on first, for PV it doesn’t.

That’s odd, good to know.

@Luckymclovin - Just a query? Are you charging with A/C or D/C? If D/C, verify In your SETTINGS you have either PV (photovoltaic) or Car (12volt) selected, per your methodology, else the unit won’t know to acknowledge the input. While in the settings, before initial use, you should also verify the desired output hertz and voltage settings. The Eco mode will automatically turn off the solar generator (sogen) output if below a certain threshold, so if powering a low-powered device, such as a portable refrigerator, disable this feature or your fridge/sogen combo may not do what you want it to do.

If the issue occurs with direct A/C, make sure you have an earth ground negative for your grid power source or the bios safety check may flag a ground fault error.

Just a thunk. Hope it helps isolate the issue. If it still persists, contact Bluetti, per their warranty.

More info: Bluetti AC200P Review: Pros & Cons / Everything You Need To Know About –

Of course it has to be on to operate the BMS system and the MPPT charging circuitry if you are charging via the solar input port.