AC200P no longer charging

I have only had my unit for about 8 months and it is no longer charging. Worked perfect until about a month ago and now it will not charge. Tried all the different charging methods to no avail. And customer service has not gotten back to me. Has anyone else had this issue? I left the unit at 80% and turned it off and now it is completely dead. LCD screen does not turn on at all just the green on button lights up for about 15 seconds then shuts off.

Sounds like your AC200P was not fully turned off. If your unit was off for several days, it will drain down to a point of 0% state of charge. If left for several more days in this state, the battery voltage can drop to a point where the battery mgt. system is unable to initiate a charge. How much time elapsed since you turned the unit off until you discovered the issue?