AC200P - Need more Battery - add a B230 or just another AC200P?

We have three AC200P units, and they really need 3000 watt hour battery capacity to do what we need.

Looking at costs, is it more efficient to add the B230, or just get another AC200P and use it to funnel energy back in to the AC200P that we have things hooked up to? Does the B230 work better without having to manually turn the AC output on to charge the AC200P like I do now when I use one to charge the other? I basically use the wall plug charger plugged into one AC200P to charge the second one.

And I guess the questions I have on the B230 are:

  1. Can it be charged from the AC200P while solar is connected to the AC200P?
  2. Will it then feed power back to the AC200P without being manually turned on and off?

Basically does it work like the AC200MAX is there a big difference?

Answer 1. No, you can only use the port for solar OR battery. I have two AC200s and they sit idle, wish they were AC200 MAX. I bought a AC200MAX with 2 B230 batteries, over 6kw of power. The only way to go !