AC200P Max DC Output

Hi, i have a question to the AC200P. By the AC200P MAX stay in the Manuel 30A Max. current for all DC output ports. What is the Limit of the AC200P nonMAX?

25 amps is the AC200 and AC200P max 12 volt regulated DC output

Thanks for this info.

I have another question, the AC200P consumend alone round about 22 Percent, when DC on in 24 hours. Its not a bit much?

Sounds about right to me.

Hey scott, so you’re saying total DC output is 25amps of all DC ports combined? So you can’t pull the max amps from each port simultaneously?

correct, total amps if I am correct.

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Gotcha in that case it’s good i didn’t wire the 10amp and 25amp ports to the same fuse box. A goal zero owner told me they make a cord that plugs into all the dc ports to get more power to your fuse box but this is not possible with the bluetti unfortunately I guess.

Okay, round about 1,5 Ah is a lot for the AC200P. Example, the 95 litre fridge has a consumption of 1 Ah. In combination 2 Days lifetime.