AC200P L: combining Solar and DC-DC from car

I’m looking to buy the AC200P L to replace the auxiliary battery for my camper/pickup to run the fridge, lights, etc…
Is there a possibility to keep the battery connected to the solar panel that’s fixed on the roof, as wel as connected to the DC-DC-charger (that can charge LiFePO4). This dc-dc-charger is connected to the alternator, and charges the current battery when driving.
I’m looking for a solution where I don’t need to switch the connector every time I’m camping and not running the engine.

Thanks for the help.

You mean you want to charge the AC200PL through both the PV and the DC-DC charger at the same time?

But the AC200PL only has one charging port, so you can only switch between the two charging modes.

You can consider connecting the solar panel on one side, and directly connecting the AC200PL to the AC charger on the other side, without going through the DC-DC charger.

Would the D40 come into play here?

@Bob70533457973917 No, the D40 is only for the 200L to charge or power other devices, not to charge itself.