AC200P isn't charging properly

Hey all, new here and couldn’t find anyone with the same issue on here. I went to use my AC200P and it had a SOC of 100%, it had been sitting for a few months, started using it with a draw of about 1200W, after about 20 mins it died, SOC was at 0%. I figured it was that bug with the SOC so I hooked it up to the AC charger and left it. Came back maybe 30 to 45 minutes later and it was at 100% I have tried it a few times times now with different draws and it will die way before it should. SOC will run till it hits 80% then it will drop to 0% minutes later. Other times it will get to 50% then drop to 0%. It is never the same, always different SOC %s I’ve tried charging from solar, AC and even tried it on 12V DC and it will charge like normal and at a random point jump to 100% SOC. I also can’t get that screen of each Cell, tried the tapping top left corner and nothing. went to a count of 200 and gave up. I have noticed under the product screen it says AC200 without the P not sure if that is normal or I have a screwed up Firmware. Worked fine when I first got it and since, I put it away a few months ago and just pulled it out to have it start with this issue.