Ac200p Input amperage

Have been using my ac200p for well over a year now and it has been working flawlessly . Charging in my truck with 48v step up, charging from the wall, suitcase 100w panels in series to boost the voltage and mostly at home with single panel 370w 47v @ 9.5 amps. Here’s the? I bought another identical panel and want to parallel them. I doubt I will ever produce over 700 w and should be well under 150 volts. I’m worried about the amps as it will be over the 12amp input. Will this work ? I’m hoping Thanks for any help

I’ve been thinking and that’s odd. I bet in parallel the watts double and the voltage and amps stay the same. I’m only wishing this is the case? Looking at charts looks like voltage stays the same amps double. Does the ac200p’s charge controller reduce it to 12 amps?

In series you add volts, in parallel you add amps. Some people claim the Bluettis will ignore the excess amps. I cannot confirm this.

Thanks I’m hopeful.Should be less than 20amps

Just for reference, the formula for power:

Power (P) = Voltage (V) * Current (I)

So if power goes up, V or I needs to change. It can never remain the same.

You will get more watts in series, voltage doubles amps stay the same. In parallel you will only get the 12 amp max the AC200P can take times the voltage of one panel.

Yes. The MPPT charge controller will not allow more then 12 amps to flow into its input, even if the device feeding the MPPT is capable of providing more than 12 amps. This is demonstrated in several on-line videos of people testing the AC200, and is discussed in several threads on this site (e.g. projects where the MPPT controller is fed by a “power supply” or a “DC-to-DC converter”).

This input current-limiting feature of the charge controller is the key to the practice of “over paneling”, which just means using a PV system whose nominal output current (i.e. full sun conditions) exceeds the maximum input current accepted by the charge controller. (The point of over-paneling is of course to achieve maximum charging rates in less-than-perfect sun conditions.)

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Thanks @LandLocked - that was a great explanation.

Thanks Landlocked, just made a suitcase portable panel out of 2 370 watt panels that I roll out in my driveway everyday. Pushes 600watts in good sun. When I’m not using the Ac200p for over landing I hook it up to a reliant trans/2 transfer switch and keep up with about half the circuits all day. That little generator is pretty cool. Thanks again Quitter

Hey @Quitter - I have just gotten that transfer switch and would like to do something similar. I have the AC200Max.

I set up 3 fixed 325W panels in my back garden and built a frame for them. In good sunlight I can hit the 900W max and keep the battery charged.

Was thinking of getting the B230 to double the storage and then could probably run essential circuits all the time.

I be testing my setup on the RV with the 30 amp plug this weekend. I have the AC200MAX. I also have 3 x 100 amp lifepo4 batteries and use the batteries as a backup/charge up the Bluetti. Using 1 battery is about 110 watt, 2 in series, 220 watts and 3 in series 330 watts. Work great using the PV adapter.

We had no issue using just our batteries in RV, as most applances are dual power, propane and ac. The plan is to switch all to solar/battery power and even use Air Conditoner at times. We camp in the rockies, so not usually too hot. Night time we use heated blanket and/or furnace.

I have 3 x 400 watt solar panels, but not setup for it yet. For now using the batteries and if need to, I have my honda generator.