AC200P Green light on but LCD screen turns on for a few seconds and then off

Hello there
We bought our AC200P in the UK in September 2021 and brought it over to Spain to use in April 2022. It worked perfectly until 2 weeks ago when it wouldn’t charge beyond 25% as it jumped immediately to 100%. We discharged it to 0% and charged both via solar and then mains and it only then charged to 17% and 13% respectively before again jumping to 100%.
We checked the BMS and the battery cell voltage was only showing 3.23/3.24 for each cell on 100% when it should be 3.6 (our son told us this). We can see the screen on our model.

We discharged again to 0% and left it overnight. In the morning the green light was on but no LCD screen so we turned it off and tried again and an initialising message came up but then it promptly turned off. We tried charging both via the brick/mains and solar but still it wouldn’t charge and now obviously it is not working at all.
We have sent three emails to Bluetti but have heard nothing.
Can someone help please.
Thank you

It does sound like a dead unit. Hopefully Bluetti will see this thread and reply.

Out of curiosity how do you check the battery cell voltage?

Hi @Cummins1 , sorry for inconvenience.

Have you tried to calibrate the machine?

First discharge the machine to 0%, then charge it to 100% with the AC port. During this time it needs to be charged continuously, not disconnected, and not with a loaded device.

We suggest you try this first and then see if the AC200P still has this problem.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi there

In the BMS we had the ability to select Battery Cell Voltage and we have photos which we did send to Bluetti. I understand that the newer AC200P’s don’t have this screen and having looked at previous threads they had to tap on the left hand side of the LCD for up to 100 times to get the screen.


Yes we discharged the machine to 0% but it wouldn’t charge back up to 100% via AC only to 17% or 13% and then jump up to 100%. Obviously now it is not working at all with only a green light showing and it won’t charge at all via AC as the screen is not working.

Could you send out an RMA so that we can return it please.

Hi @Cummins1 , sorry for late reply.
We have confirmed with the engineer based on your question that this machine needs to be returned for repair. Please contact the support department at as soon as possible to register the return process for repairing.

Thank you again for your understanding and cooperation!