AC200P Green light on but LCD screen does not turn on.

My ACP200P from JUNE 2021 I just turned it on and only the green light stays on for a few minutes and then turns off, the screen does not turn on and it does not charge. Has anyone else experienced this, is there a solution.
I need technical assistance.

My AC200P just started acting up. It will turn on, green light glowing. LCD panel not displaying info. It is “on” low backlight and if I touch on it, I can get the “beeping” sounds but just can’t see anything. Not in direct sunlight or anything in a dark room and still won’t reveal the info.

I can plug it into the wall outlet with the adapter and it appears to be charging, but again can’t see anything.
Without the charger it will stay on but just not reveal anything on the lcd.

Is there any ideas for fixing?

Hi @JaviGS @bturner , Sorry for inconvenience caused.
About the AC200P LCD screen display you mentioned, this requires you to take an AC200P video and send it to our support department at to confirm the situation and then process it further.
Thank you for your kind cooperations.