AC200P for Filmmakers

I’m a filmmaker looking to power a Aputure Lightstorm 600D at outdoor locations off the grid. The objective is supplimental lighting in full daylight exteriors.

This light has a 3-wire XLR input that requires 48-volts 15 amps.

It appears the inverter of the AC200P is sufficient to power this light, but I have been told a DC source would be even better.

Can 48-volt 15 amp be done with the AC200P or any other Bluetti product? What kind of runtime can I expect?

There are no 48 volt outputs on any of the products. The best current solution would be to use the ac Inverter. You will lose approx. 15% of the battery efficiency by using an AC inverter and additional loss converting back to 48 V DC again. You could extend run times with portable solar panels but with your lights drawing 720 watts, you would need a substantial amount of solar. I would recommend the below Current products:

EB2400 with 2400 WH with approx. 2.5 hours run time
AC200P with 2,000 WH with approx. 2 hours runtime
EB150 with 1500 WH with approx. 1 hour 45 minutes runtime

There are new models (EB500 and EB500PRO) coming out in the future that can give you a run time of around 5 hours that are somewhat less portable but will have higher battery capacities.

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