AC200P Fault Codes - Problem?

Hello. I have fault codes 002 and 006, which do not go away.

Is there a way to clear these, or does this indicate a defect in the unit?




I have the same two fault codes that won’t go away. Curious if this is normal behavior or not.


002 and 006 stands for low PV voltage and low AC voltage, will be gone if you connect the unit with an AC power source or solar panels


Excellent. Thank. you.

Less than ideal way of saying your charger is unplugged. It would be nice to see a software update . Wonder if that could happen via USB or of they are power only.


Speaking of ‘faults’. When I was testing for input to another post I decided to look at faults 1st time since I initially looked after receiving 4 days ago. I was alarmed, I have over 6 pages. I had zero when 1st powered on.

Only thing I’ve done is charge an android phone w/ fast charging pads (but only got 4-5w). And then yesterday powered old laptop for less than 10-15 mins.

I did not ck the faults between the 2 tests , wish I had. Anyone else see a lot of faults even though not used it much yet. I did take pics if anyone interested.

Are you sure you are not looking at the 6 pages of fault definitions? Their are six pages that list the number of the fault followed by an en explanation of what the fault code refers to. If this is the case, these are not faults that your AC200 has experienced, but just references for what the codes mean.

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I’m not certain, next time I looked the screen was empty. I probably did just as you said, just not sure how I got that screen. @Scott-Benson