Ac200p excess power to b230 using t500 and D050S

I have been using my Ac200p to power some devices but my battery is not big enough for non sun hours, so I have a dumb question. Can I connect the T500 ac adapter to charge a b230 directly, and also plug the b230 back in to the AC200p using the D050S charge enhancer in to the ac charging port (see diagram). My problem is that my Ac200p charges up quickly and then charging shuts off, but if I could also charge the b230 it cloud in turn recharge the Ac200p once the sun disappears.I hate wasting all that sun when I could be charging something. I am currently overpaneling with 2s3p with 200watt panels in the winter (not ideal angle to sun) and max solar input I have seen is 621 watts (8amps) so at the moment I don’t think I am at risk of blowing up my Ac200p. Voc is 90.8 at STC (77 degrees F) and the manual says it will cap current at 12amps so hopefully it will just trim any overpowering from the 1200watts of panels. It has been working well so far. At any rate, here is my hack drawing. Is this circular charging config supported?