Ac200p discharging fast with fridge

using around 620 watts, the battery discharges 1% a minute. It came charged 59% and at this rate it would last an hour. What am I doing wrong. thanks

If it’s a new unit try fully charging and discharging the unit so it can calibrate itself properly.

Not having the battery fully charged first. If you in fact do have a fridge that uses 620 watts you should be able to run for approx. 2 hrs 45 minutes assuming you are fully charged at the start. Without using a meter (Killawatt) that records the total outgoing electrical current produced and consumed, you will not have an accurate qty of electrical power produced.

If you want to test your battery capacity, you need to select a device that consumes the same amount of power at all times. (electrical heater on low?) Try to get something that uses 500 watts or more and start with a fully charged battery at room temperature. (Cold batteries produce less capacity) Your total electrical consumption will be the load of what you plugged in plus the power required to operate the inverter to produce the power in the first place. You should see approximately 3.5 hours with a 500 wat load with a fully charged AC200P

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