AC200P discharges too fast?

Hi! I measured AC200P discharge for a couple of days. Here is a graph:

The load was very little: display was showing 0 Wh. Only Wi-Fi router was plugged in. Its nominal power usage is 18 Wh at max.
My concerne is that the power station discharged from 52% to 0% in less than 8 hours (see two last data points). Does anybody else faced such issue? Is that normal? Thank you in advance!

@Tarasovych Has the machine been self-learning with power?
If not, please charge it with AC to 100% and then empty the power for two operations.
Then see if there is still this problem of fast power loss

Nope, it didn’t. By the way, I use it for ~3 months.

The machine should be emptied without any load?

During the power self-learning process, the machine needs to discharge with loads to 0%

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I think, I have already finished with self-learning, because there were already two cases, when the station discharged from 40-50% to 0% overnight. I could repeat the process anyway

Needs to be charged to 100% and then discharged to 0% with loaded devices, cycle twice.

2nd run, very fast drop from 29% to 0% in 80 minutes. Same load as 1st run

Is your one of the originals with the multicell BMS, or is it the later ones where they resourced the component with one that cant show all the individual cells?

How can I figure that out?

Jeff Hagen and waveformscience shows how and the importance of occasional “cycling” of these sogens to re-calibrate the internal BMS…

I recommend doing 2-3 full cycles right when you get a unit initially, and then every couple months. With the lifepo4 chemistry, I am not too worried about cycle life. haha I’d much rather know my SOC and BMS are working as intended.

as for getting access to seeing the indivual cell voltages… there is a way to do it on the AC200P units…

On the main screen touch “Data”, then “BMS Maintenance”. In the upper left corner of the screen you will see “BMS Maintenance”. If you just tap the very upper left corner of this, it should beep. If it beeps, then if you do 5 - 7 quick taps (hearing a beep each time) the 16 individual cell voltages display will show up. Hope this works for you.



I checked cells voltage, its 2.92…2.94 at 42% battery level. Seems like ok, not so much divergence

My third recalibration run: from 43% to 0% in a hour, with up to 10W load…

Very cool! That cell check works on the AC200Max as well. Thanks :slight_smile:
Are there any other hidden commands like that?