AC200P discharges 20% over night

I am losing 20% battery charge at night with unit on but not powering anything. AC and DC OFF. Any suggestions or explanations would be appreciated. It charges back to 100% with solar panels, but I hate losing any charge over night.

Hi @Bodine

Kinda “normal”. My EP500Pro take about ~10% over night. You can try to disable Bluetooth or Wifi (or both if you dont need the App).

You also can turn off the display if its always on right now. When the Battery gets charged there is also a slight raise in batterie voltage. When the Panels dont produce any more energy there might a little decrease in voltage which also can explain a few little procent points.

I would just wait until its dark and the PV input isnt active anymore and turn off your unit. In the morning the unit wakes up again and charge.

@Bodine I suggest that you can do a full cycle of charge and discharge to correct the SOC.


I don’t have the option to use the app or Bluetooth it with the AC200P. After I follow a discharge I will remember to turn off the unit after dark and see how it starts up the next morning. I appreciate the suggestions and input.

I have done a complete cycle discharge and still showing a discharge of 20% over night. I have a fault code of 00 42, and 01 42. Can you explain and help? What does SOC mean?

SOC is state of charge. To do a proper discharge, you want to draw the same amount of watts throughout the discharge (ie 400 watts). And when you go to recharge it you will want to use the power brick in order to charge it back up linear. That is the proper way to do it.

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@Bodine Does the error code appear when you fully charge it? Can AC200P be discharged normally? If yes, it is a normal case.

I am getting error codes of 00 001 / 01 001. Is there an error code menu that I can reference and what do these codes mean? How should I remedy the problem?