AC200P + D050S Question/Problem

Hi, i have the combination 200W solar and alternator with Victron Orion 12/24v 10A. With a control i can switch between solar or alternator loading. The Victron have the settings of output 27v (220W loading the AC200P).

I have buy the the D050S for simultan reload solar and alternator. When i connect the Victron with the D050S, have in the first seconds Victron 28v and AC200P 55,4v - 4,7A and 260W. After 10 seconds a drop to Victron 21,6v and AC200P 55,4v - 3,5A and 193W :frowning:

With Alternator and Victron (no D050S) have the Victron stable 27v on the Output. Is the drop with D050S normal?

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It sounds like the Victron is not capable of maintaining the load of the DO50S. 193 watts is all you will see with a 21.6 volt input. If you want higher wattage charge, get rid of the Victron and connect a 12 volt to 48 volt boost converter that is capable of 20 amp constant output. You can then run the 48 volts into the PV port and connect the D050S to the solar panels and then to the AC charging port of your AC200P That will give you a potential of around 700 watts of charging power.

In the combi alternator and Victron (non D050S) i have stable 27v on the Victron output. Shouldn`t he bring then 27v stable to the D050S?

You do not have a stable 27 volts on the Victron because under load the voltage is dropping and therefore unstable.

I have the exact same setup and issue. Victron holds 27.5v fine when connected directly to the AC200. When connected to the D050S it drops voltage. In theory, it should be the same exact load. Unless the D050S is trying to pull more amperage.