Ac200p BMS - difference between 5 and the rest of the 16 blocks

Hello. I have the ac200p. I have already discharged it completely once and then charged it again to 100%. After that I used them intermittent. Currently the SOC is 83%. If I go into the BMS - see picture - I always see a difference between block 5 and the other blocks. This fluctuates between 0.02 and 0.03 volts. Is this a problem? Can this cause a problem in the future? Should I calibrate again?


DSP 8005.07
ARM 8006.06
BMS 1106.06
HMI 7004.05


That’s a very small difference. This is potentially why Bluetti removed this screen in later software versions.

Hi @romacasa,

No worries, it is not a problem and it won’t affect the function of the AC200P.

Hi. Ok, I think this is not good - or am I wrong? I have now discharged the ac200p to 0% twice and (more, but only twice…) observed the BMS. Both times it looked like this at 0%: Figure 1. You can see that No. 5 is at 2.69. When I first discovered this, I found that the inverter turns off at 2.6x. This is the battery protection mechanism. All others are at 3.xx. So I think I’m not getting what would otherwise be possible from the battery. In picture 2 you can see a discharged ac200p with 1.8 Kw extraction. Hmm… Calibration doesn’t seem to be a solution here as I’ve discharged and recharged to 100% several times. Is this now a problem for the warranty? I live near Munich and could go too the Bluetti there.
Or are there other solutions?
With best regards
Figure 1

Figure 2 - screenshot at 0% load

Figure 3 Charge at 80%