AC200P + B230 PV Charging

Hi All,

My first post and it is a question. I have an AC200P and just purchased a B230. To connect the B230 to the AC200P I need to use the PV charge port on the AC200P. How can I still charge the AC200P with solar?

With a D050s through the AC port. DC Charging Enhancer (D050S) – Bluettipower-US

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I had the same problem with my AC200. I did not want to give up my solar input but wanted to hook up my B300 external battery. So I left the solar panels hooked up to the solar input because the VOC was over 60 volts of solar power and I did not want to drop it down to 35 volts by reconfiguring the solar panels in parallel. Now I hooked up the D050S to the special cable that Bluetti makes for the AC200.(P090D to XT90 cable) One end plugs into the B300 battery and the other plugs into the D050S. The output of the D050S plugs into the AC port on the AC200. Now I get 675 watts of solar and 460 watts of battery power from the D050S. This works fine for the older units like AC200, Ac200P. Watch the video and see the connections.
PS Wish I had the AC200Max and I would not have to do all this work.

Thank you Harlan. I am not exactly sure what the UPS relay does and why I need it. Looks like I will need the D050S. Please let me know if I am saying this right.

The P090D to XT90 cable from the B230 plugs into the D050S. This then plugs into the AC charging port of the AC200P. I will continue to use up to 700 watts of solar directly into the AC200P.

Does this mean that the AC200P will then “back charge” into the B230?

YES, a AC200MAX would make life simpler.

That is correct what you said.
The relay is use to keep your load with AC power, when the AC200 goes to 0.
Now for the bad news, no it does not recharge the B300 battery, so every morning I go and turn the AC200 AC ON and the B300 battery (green flashing light) on, that has been recharged by the relay power.
Remember Bluetti helped us with external batteries on our old AC200, AC200P. They could have left us with no extra battery power. So I take the good with the bad.