AC200P - any way to keep AC and DC on all the time?

I love my AC200P it is perfect for my application. I have a 380 watt solar panel on my van as well as charging from an inverter while we are driving.

The critical job is to keep the fridge running. If the AC200 goes to zero at night and shuts off, then begins charging when the sun comes back up, i have to manually turn on AC and DC to get the fridge back on. Sometimes we don’t realize this has happened and the fridge gets warm.

is there any workaround for this? I’m past the warranty so i’d be willing top open it up and change some wiring if there is a solution.


add an extra Battery: You can connect 1 B230 or B300 battery pack with AC200P

I also have the AC200P, I use it as a backup to my house fridge when there is a power outage. It will run my 500+ litre fridge freezer for approx 25 hours at 240VAC. So without further information, I can’t understand how it would drain to zero overnight. Other than you are running an absorption caravan fridge, which can draw 13-14 amps at 12.8 volts = 170+Wh. On AC in a 240VAC environment they draw more. In which case the AC200P would be flat in approx 10 hours or less. I would suggest if you want a considered answer, you provide more information. i.e. are you running the fridge on DC or AC, at what current draw and voltage, what kind of fridge etc.
That being said, the answer to my knowledge is, if the AC200P shuts off due to going to zero volts, manual intervention is required to turn the outputs back on.

We do other things with the Bluetti. It could easily keep the fridge running indefinitely but we also cook and run an air conditioner.

My fridge is a converted chest freezer so it stays cool when it loses power but it would be better if i didn’t have to intervene.

Nope. there is no expansion for the AC200P .

Oki, So the only way I can see you having the AC200P still have power when you wake up is;
Increase your battery capacity sufficiently to run everything until solar charging kicks in. Either by something like the B80 or another lithium battery source. The trade off is that you will likely need more charging capability.
Although the AC200P has no expansion capability, it can be charged whilst running loads using the car charging cable. to any additional battery you use. However due to voltage limitations and without additional expense, car charging input is limited to around 100W max. I’m not sure if the DC Enhancer from Bluetti will allow both to connect. Otherwise you would still need to swap out the car input for solar at some point. :)

I should also mention - The AC200P I have, I keep for the fridge only. As my loads for other things camping i.e. caravan microwave, toaster, small kettle sandwich maker etc allows me to use the AC180 which I also have. The 200P is too heavy for me to be portable, so I bit the bullet and bought the 180 to supplement. Also for the 4x4, when using kettle & toaster, I got the AC70 and fitted a 375W Victron to the vehicle auxiliary battery. The Inverter will charge both the 70 & 180 on silent modes, one at a time when driving. I also have a total of 680W of solar.

I am confused,
The Bluetti Website: “The AC200P offers the convenience of expanding its capacity by connecting B230 or B300 expansion batteries. Plug in two B300 units, and you can get a massive 8,144Wh, enough to run your devices even during an extended outage.”
Note: D050S DC charging enhancer and P090D-XT90 cable required.
BLUETTI AC200P + B230 | Home Battery Backup.

and also at the FAQ: :
Q: How can I connect AC200P with B230 or B300 expansion battery?
](BLUETTI AC200P + B230 | Home Battery Backup)


You can connect 1 B230 or B300 battery pack with AC200P via the P090D to XT90 cable*. * Sold separately

Technically yes but it’s not connected the way it is to the AC300., with a big cable and a direct coupling of the two batteries. Using the P090D to XT90 cable would be limited to 12V and maybe 100 watts.
I will be doing something like that with my second AC200p but it’s not the perfect solution.

@hertfordnc Sorry, the AC200P does not have wifi capability. You have to manually turn on AC.
The B300 and B230 can be connected to the AC200P via power bank mode.

Hello Hertfordnc
If you have some computer skills, there is a way to automatically turn AC or DC on: the principle is as follows: you need an Android phone that you dedicate to this task (one that you no longer use ). On this phone you install the Bluetti application, activate Bluetooth and location, and check that you can turn on AC or DC with the app. The second step is to install an automation application: I recommend MacroDroid. You have to program a script on MacroDroid so that at a specific time, for example at 9 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 10 a.m. when the sun rose and woke up your AC200P via the solar input and gave enough energy to the battery to be able to put AC on, MACRODROID will take control of the BLUETTI application to put AC on (and DC on… you will plug the phone into a USB socket on your AC200P to recharge it too). So you will have automatic AC switching on by the Android phone. I created a script that automates other tasks on my AC200max, but close enough to what may interest you that I can adapt it for you. But I repeat: don’t start this DIY if you don’t have some computer skills!

I may be missing something. The AC200P has no bluetooth or wifi capability and doesn’t work with the app.

You are absolutely right! Sorry I feel ridiculous, the AC200P does not have bluetooth, the proposed solution only works for the AC200MAX! sorry again