Ac200P and 25a output

I have my AC200P set up in my van with the 25a output wired into a fuse box.

When I have a larger power draw (when the heater or water pump is on), all my less pulse.
I find it odd, as I can’t be going above the 25a as I have fuses that don’t add up to that, the water pump or heater fuse would blow if that was the case? I also ran the pump and lights at the same time with the 10a output (whilst waiting for the 25a cable) with the same issue.

Does the bluetti struggle with a sudden power surge that wouldn’t blow the fuses?

Your individual fuses would blow only if that particular accessory exceeded the rating of the fuse. It would be interesting to know what the wattage load is reading on the AC200P when you are running all the accessories. I don’t have any personal experience with using high loads from the 25 amp output but since you state the same pulsing occurs with the 10 amp cigarette socket and the aviation cable, I would think that there is some minor mis match with the accessory needs vs the power from the Bluetti. I have seen several posts where LED lights have pulsed with certain brands but none with other accessories pulsing as well.

Thanks for the reply, I probably should have been clearer, it is just the LEDs pulsing when higher power items are also running. It’s quite annoying when you want lights and heater!

As you say, the individual fuses aren’t blowing so why do the LEDs pulse?

It is the brand and type of LED. They are very sensitive to power. I have seen this to some degree in household LED bulbs too. Unfortunately, the only fix is to change to different LEDs. The dimmable models seem to he the worst for pulsing

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Oh. That is VERY annoying!
All the LED’s have been installed, so it’s not something i’m in a rush to change. It may need to be sorted for next winter though if I want to be runnign the heating a lot.

Any suggestions on how to find LED’s where this isn’t an issue? One set definitely needs a dimmer as the lighting requirements vary a lot in the van.

Thanks @Scott-Benson your knowledge is always appreciated!

I wish I could offer a suggestion on the LEDs. But I really have no experience on which are problematic and which ones work without pulsing issues. I have had had some problems with this in my home in bathroom multiple lamp fixtures and had to replace the brand of bulb