AC200P and 2 Bouge panels

If I go with the Bouge panels, do I need to get the Solar Charger Controller with the panels or does the AC200P handle this?


no charge controller needed. The AC200 handles controlling the charge. Just need to keep the solar panel output between 35 and 150 volts which would be a minimum of two panels connected in series.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Getting ready for hurricane season and this will be much quieter than my generator.

I hear you. I have my AC200 for hurricane season as well as a few smaller units and solar panels. We live in SW Florida and I like to be prepared.

I have a similar setup, AC200P + 2 BougeRV 200W solar panels; for some reason I am only getting 260W charge from my 2 panels (displayed on the Bluetti). Any ideas as to where I start to ‘debug’ the problem? Thanks.

Panel output is heavily dependant on proper angle and proper rotation towards the sun with absolutely no shading of any part of any panel alsong with perfect sun conditions at the perfect time of day. Unfortunately all those things combining at the same time rarely happen. In most cases when less than expected output is occurring, one or more of the preceeding items is not optimal. In excellent sun conditions I would expect around 300 watts on a great day.


Scott I see now that its the “Volts” that need to be at 35-150 range… will two of your portable panels provide this, I bought two thinking it would be enough but have yet to read the voltage output. Thanks

Two panels will provide the minimum voltage required for charging. You will want to connect the two panels in series and then connect them to your AC200. A voltage will appear in the screen and charging should being within 30 seconds. If no charging wattage appears, check the “settings” menu and make sure that you have the “PV” portion selected. If you are charging with a pair of solar panels and accidently have “car” selected, no charging watts will appear.

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This post was helpful because I’m very concerned about my setup as well, I purchased 3, newpowa 210W panels. With 2 panels connected I’ve never seen more than 212watt produced on a clear sunny day in the South, with 3 panels connected I’ve seen 510W one time by going out an manually moving them around to point right at the sun, but at solar peek realistically I see more like 410 watts, if there are any clouds I get around 100W. This is much less than I had expected so anticipate having to buy two more 210w panels just to keep the ac200p charged. I’m new to solar myself so don’t know if my results on par, above, or below what would be expected regardless just wanted to share my results as this post seems relevant.