AC200P accessory plug still not shipped

I am following up on my order for qty. of one 12V/25A Aviation Plug. The order was placed on December 03, 2020 but has still not shipped. Your website shows them as being in stock. Please tell me what else needs to done to get my order shipped. By the way, I ordered my AC200 P on the same day and it arrived on December 22, 2020.


I order some of the accessory cables 12/27. I was told they would not ship until Feb. So I added 2-4 weeks for shipping time and that makes delivery sometime in March 2021. Not happy because there was no indication when I ordered these were pre-sale/backordered. Just my experience. I haven’t canceled cause I really want the extra cables for the AC200p.

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I haven’t seen them in stock on Bluetti’s website for well over a week now, and I’ve been checking daily. They’re still showing Out of Stock.

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Well at least they are now indicating sold out. That was missing when I ordered. Glad they updated that for other buyers.

Ordered the accessory plug and a 2nd charger over a week ago which both showed in stock and still do, no shipping notice yet. Is this typical of Bluetti to take that long to ship out in stock items?

When I ordered the AC200P from Amazon it shipped out in a few days arrived ahead of schedule.

It takes about a week from the time you order and a shipping label is generated to the actual freight carrier pick up and shipment plus the amount of transit time to your location.

Thanks Scott. Not receiving a shipping notice 9 days after the purchase of an in stock item seems a bit excessive to me. Makes me hesitate buying anything else from them.

Spoke to soon, just got the shipping notice for both items.

Good to hear. That happened a few times with me too.

Hi Scott, I’m wanting to order a second charger for my AC200P. Could you please tell me if I order this if it will suffice for using 2 chargers at the same time to recharge?AC200 Adapter(500W) + XT90 Cable – Bluetti

I’m not finding anything in the manual on how to connect 2nd charger and if alternate cables are needed.
Really appreciate any help you can provide!

Hey Eric,
Have you had good luck charging your AC200P with both chargers? I’m wanting to purchase 2nd one just like you and was curious if you’ve had good luck with double charging or it’s just for back up? Do you need a special cable adapter for 2nd charger to plug into AC200P if charging with both?

It comes with the adapter so nothing extra to buy. It will use the the PV (solar) port so you will need to use the aviation plug that comes with the AC200P and then make sure its set to PV and not car in the settings menu. It works great! no issues.

Terrific information Eric. Really, really appreciate it!



Perfect Mark. can’t get any clearer than that!

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It works great w/ the 2 adapters

Excellent picture Mark