AC200P & AC200MAX Chargers

Greetings all,

I have an AC200P and AC200MAX. One of the AC chargers for these units (I can’t recall if they shipped with the same one or not) has gone missing.

Question: Is the T400 charger (see here) compatible with both of these units or is the T500 required? The T500 has been out of stock for weeks and my users are tired of having to share a charger, if the T400 will work I’d like to order it.

The use case here is overnight charging, so it doesn’t matter to us if the T400 is slower or some such, as long as it is supported and actually works to charge them.

Hi @Timo , T400 T500 are two adapters with 400W/500W output respectively, both compatible with AC200MAX/P

Thank you for sharing that. :blush:

Sadly, it appears the T400 is now out of stock as well! I should have ordered one when I had the chance. I don’t suppose you would be privy to when one or both of them will be available again? :crossed_fingers: