AC200P 70% charge suddenly 0% - then when solar charging, 27% suddenly 100%

My 2 year old AC200 has just started showing 0% charge after discharging down to about 70%. Also after charging back up to about 27%, it jumps to 100%. Has been a rock solid unit until now.

@Radar105 Have you tried to calibrate the SOC?
First discharge the machine to 0%, then charge it to 100% via AC. During this time it needs to be charged continuously with no loaded.

Please try to cycle twice and then see if the problem improves.
If the problem does not improve, please contact customer service for further processing.

I have attempted to cycle the battery SoC to 0%-100% and 100%-0% about 10 times with the AC adapter. Each time it will jump to 0% from 70% while discharging and while charging, jump from 30% to 100%.

I have contacted and basically been told I am up the creek without a paddle.
My email response from Bluetti Service below

Carlyao|Tue, Jul 4, 12:03 AM (12 days ago)


Sorry to hear that. But we can not to help you, because our Canadian company has ceased operations.

But I can give you some advices.

You can try to use up all the power of the power station, and then leave it for a few hours before recharging it.

Best regards.

One month out of warranty and this is the response I get… I spent $2500CAD on this unit 2 years ago and now it is e-waste.