AC200P + 3 Bluetti 200W panels - not charging in PV mode

Just got my Bluetti. I am new to solar. Did alot of reading and decided on this solar generator because of all the good reviews, and it seemed it would meet my two biggest needs. Off-grid camping in my popup and basic backup for power outages at my house.

I ordered the Bluetti panels because I thought that in doing so it would be even more “plug and play”. Uhhhh, that’s not working out for me.

I just connected 1 of the Bluetti SP200 panels. The voltage at max power is 20V. Current Max Power is 10A. Open Circuit voltage is 24V.

Here is my issue: I plugged in one panel using the provided cables as per the instructions. It was default set to car input. It was morning, but there was a slight input of like 40w to 98w. I realized I had this set wrong. I set the input to PV. Nothing. It registers volts and nothing else. Nothing else happens.

After reading some of this forum I am thinking that I will actually have to have at least 2 panels set up in series for the PV to charge, but why in the world is it charging on the car charger setting??? I see where others have accidentally set things up while still in car setting and nothing happens. I am really confused here.

Any constructive comments would be so appreciated.

After reading more information on this great forum, I pulled out my other two panels, and linked them all in series. Everything started charging properly in PV mode. Obviously is was because one panel did not exceed the 35V needed to begin charging.

I still don’t understand why it was charging in car mode.

Probably because in car charge mode it can take up to 24 volts.

You found your own answer Jennifer :ok_hand:

Yes, the AC200 has to have a minimum of two panels connected to receive the minimum 35 volts to charge.

The reason you saw some type of charge from the single panel is:
The AC200 car charge mode is capable of charging from a vehicle that operates on 12 volts or 24 volts. There is a range of acceptable voltages for the 12 volt vehicles and also a range of voltage for the 24 volt vehicles. The AC200 thought you were trying to charge from a 24 volt vehicle when it saw a voltage a little over the 20 volt range. As the solar panel is put under more load (better angle and stronger sun) the voltage drops and it goes below the range of the acceptable 24 volt vehicle range and charging will stop. There are some situations where a particular single panel will allow charging with just the right panel under just the right sun conditions.