AC200P 2000W Solar Hookup First Time NEWBIE

I haven’t been successful charging by solar yet. That’s my goal.
I’ve hooked up three 12v 100w solar panels in series (I think)
I went into the Bluetti panel and changed the settings and I see the little grid in the upper left corner of the panel.I

When I plug into the solar plug, I see nothing happening on the LCD panel. It all stays at zero.

  1. Are three 100w 12v panels enough? Or, do I need four or more?
  2. What should I see on the LCD screen? Am I looking in the right place?
  3. Is there anywhere that gives you a warning that you don’t have enough power?

What should I be looking for? Thanks.

Hi @Don , The solar input VOC range of AC200P is 35-150V, while your three 12V ones only add up to 36V, which is not enough to provide enough voltage to charge AC200P after adding the connection loss. We suggest that you add one or two more panels of the same model in series, or change to another panel with a large enough VOC.

When several panels are connected, make sure the connection cable is plugged in tightly and then try to see if the above problem occurs.

There will be a voltage indicated in the PV input screen (Upper left hand corner if pressed I think). If the voltage is 35 volts or higher you should be in good shape. (It takes about 30 seconds for charging to begin) You also have to have “PV” selected in the settings menu screen.

Thanks. I just ordered another solar panel. So, I’ll try again. Thanks for the fast replies.

I’ve added the other solar panel and I’m still not getting a number. I have four oanels. One panel is connected to the next panel, then to the next panel then each end is plugged into negative or positive cables. I do see the little dashes moving as if they are charging, but it says zero in the panel next to where the GRID ICON is. So, it seems to be doing something, just no numbers are coming up.