AC200P--041 BMS Temperature Error

Unit just arrived, but won’t charge due to 041 BMS Temperature Error. Any insight or help wold be appreciated. THanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen that one before but for error code resets you would typically turn the unit off and then back on before attempting to use or charge it.

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please don’t worry. I have contacted with you on how to deal with it.
Any further questions, feel free to contact us.

I am shaving this issue now too… Sunny bright winter day, 20F. Not charging. Says 041 BMS Temperature Error.
It was maybe as cold as 7F last night.

I neeed this thing to work in cold temps… says it does, to -0, -40, I think it is rated for!


@Woopsadaisy Hi there,

Sorry for the problem.
The unit needs to be sent back if the error code is 041. Please contact our customer service at: and we will send a new one to you.

O no. I did not save any of the packaging that it came with…

I took it home to warm up and it charged just fine when plugged into the wall AC.

When it works, it is what I need to keep the chickens hydrated.
I will email them and see how long making an exchange will take. I really need power to the coop every day in the winter…


Hi @Woopsadaisy,

No worries. You can buy a packaging box or ask for help from your neighbor. It would be much better to use the original one, but if you haven’t, it is also okay.
If you need power, we can send the new one to you at the same time when you send it back to us.
Please contact our customer service at for an RMA.

I would need the new one before I boxed up this one. Even though it’s not charging when it should it is still keeping the water from freezing with my vigilance.

What am I missing? I don’t think these are supposed to charge below 32F (or 0 C). Looks to me like the BMS is doing its job if it won’t permit charging below the freezing point. This battery chemistry should never be charged below freezing.

The spec for operation is 0 to +40 Celsius (32-104F).

Yeah, it isn’t recommended to use it below 32F.

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Please contact our customer service with a picture showing the error code, they will help you.

I have done so but have not heard back. thanks.

If this is only happening when the temperature is below freezing, what is the problem? In that case the BMS is doing exactly what it should be doing – refusing to accept a charge and throwing an error code.

Sorry to hear that.
Could you please tell me your email address?

Sure— it’s

Thank you for your info. My colleague has replied you. Please note your email.

I got the email. She said to bring it inside for a few minutes and then try to charge it… which is what I have been doing… that isn’t the issue. I just don’t think I am going to be able to use it as I need it to recharge via the sun on cold days.

Sorry about that. If you don’t think you are able to use it, then please keep contacting with our customers service. She will tell you how to deal with the following things.

You can buy extension cables to
Keep your unit inside… that way you won’t have to worry about it getting too cold outside & you’d have better access to your plugs!! Here’s a good option…

WindyNation 10 Gauge 10 AWG One Pair 30 Feet Black + 30 Feet Red Solar Panel Extension Cable Wire Solar Connectors

You will need to warm it up for hours inside before the temp will increase enough to allow charging. The unit not charging when below zero C is a good thing. Charging most lithium based batteries below freezing will permanently damage them. This is not a bluetti thing, it applies to most Li batteries.

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