AC200Max with Renogy 200W Suitcase solar with Voyager 20A PWM charger

I have a Renogy 200W suitcase solar that has 20A PWM charge controller (12v system). Controller has max solar voltage 26V, max battery voltage 17V rated current 20A battery start charging voltage 3V. I have used this to connect to my RV batteries with Lead Acid 6V batteries in series and works well

Just purchased AC200Max which accepts solar input 10 - 145V.

Problem seems to be that the AC200Max wont turn on DC input port with less than 10V and the Renogy wont send voltage if it senses less than 3V in battery. In this condition I cannot even change battery type on the charge controller as it goes into an error condition for battery under voltage

How do I make this work?




@mikehoyt 1. Did you turn on PV mode? 2. If the PV input voltage is lower than 10V, it will not get charged. 3. Is there an error code on the display?

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Hi - I found the answer on another forum. The AC200Max has built in solar charge controller. The Renogy panels also have a solar charge controller. Bypassing the renogy Voyager controller solved the problem.


@mikehoyt I’m glad that your problem has been solved. Thanks for your update.