AC200Max with a B300

Ran into an issue with the B300 and Ac200Max maybe someone can help me with.
When I first connected the B300 to the Ac200Max, The Max having solar input the batteries started to charge. Once both batteries hit 100% the solar input goes away. The battery started to drain and the solar input never woke up to start charging again “passthrough”. The unit got down to 94% and it never started to charge. Any suggestions on what’s going on?

I have the same situation Max connected with the B300. I have noticed anything unusual. I shut my max off at night and it automatically turns on and starts charging from solar at first light. My B300 needs to be turned on by hand. Max200 starts charging automatically early morning and turns on.

Have not noticed anything unusual. Not sure what your problem is if you have one.

I think the OP’s problem is that the B300 doesn’t seem to charge again automatically when connected to solar after charging to full even after it is no longer full. Expect them to start charging again as soon as they drain.

Does the B300 start charging when the 200Max is back to 100%?

Once the ac200max and b300 both hit 100%. I started to drain or use the system. Usually as soon as the system hits 99% the solar kicks in. This didn’t happen. I got the system down to 94% and checked both battery levels. Ac200 was 100% the b300 was 94%.