AC200MAX - what voltages/current does the DC7909 connector (for the AC charger) accept?

Can someone please tell me, what Voltage and current the port for the AC adapter (DC7909) will accept?
Does it require 50V (up to 10A) only, or are other voltages accepted too, as long a 10A/500W is not exceeded?

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AC adapter (DC7909) for AC200MAX has a range of acceptable voltage values for the port: 56-58.4V DC

Based on this youtube video I’d caution against supplying any power into that port unless it comes from a Bluetti T400, T500 AC Adapter or the Bluetti D050S Charge Enhancer because it provides a direct connection to the internal battery (unlike the PV port which contains charging circuitry). Using a different device could harm the battery and reduce its useful lifespan.

This is the same precaution that applies to not connecting a 12V battery to a (dumb) power supply that provides a constant voltage/current and doesn’t stop charging after a period of time or after a certain voltage has been reached. Instead you connect 12V batteries to a battery charger specifically designed to charge that battery according to its chemistry and charge curve.

Good to know. Thank you.

I was considering to use this port to connect a Victron MPPT, since I’d like to keep the PC/Car Port open.

@Bluetti: Can you say someting in this matter? Is this port in fact a direct connection to the Battery? I have my doubts, because the AC charger does not seem “smart”. Is it OK to connect a Victron MPPT (if it’s within the voltage specified by you above)?

There is no problem if it can output.
It is recommended to use with DC Charging Enhancer D050S.

Thank you.

Can you clarify, if the DC 7909 port is a direct connection to the battery, or if this port has charging circuity?
Reason for asking: This detail is important, because of the settings for the Victron MPPT. If this port has it’s own circuity, I can just tell the Victron MPPT to deliver a certain voltage (e.g. 56V), otherwise I would need to setup a charge profile according to the cells in the AC200Max.

There is no charging circuit, it is direct to the battery :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s important information. Thank you.

From my current understanding, one could overcharge/damage the Battery with the wrong settings on the MPPT charger.

If the above applies, I assume with the Voltages provided above (56-58.4V DC), 58.4 would mean 100% SOC?
Are you allowed/willing to speak about the Battery configuration and specs? Is it 17S/18S LiFePo4? I would like to know as much as possible, to ensure proper setup of the Victron MPPT.