AC200Max what I'm missing...

  • I’m missing the PV Priority function that is available on AC300: I can’t set it to have the power output only coming from the battery until a set percentage, then the AC adapter kicks in.

Why I would use a such function? Because of different electricity rate at different hours: I use the solar power and I recharge the battery during the day, I then use the battery only for the rest of the day, and the AC will kick in only as backup if the battery reaches 30%.

Because of this missing feature (that I guess it’s a software thing only, unless the AC power on the AC200Max goes directly to the power unit without a software switch) I had to setup an elaborate system with two smart meters and a wifi switch controlled via a script. But it’s not the optimal solution, because I can read the power usage and guess the battery left, but I can’t read the real battery % out of my AC200Max.

Is there a way that Bluetti will consider to add this feature? I see other similar request made by last year… they said “we will look…” but then nothing moved so far. Any update?

  • The AC power input is very limited in power. I didn’t known while I purchased it (bad me!), but if the AC charge sucks more than 500w, the AC adapter cannot cope and it will start discharge the battery. I’m not sure why it has a such limit (while the competitors offers double of that input…), but I guess I will have to live with it. Someone have suggested to add another batter with its own AC adapter to double the input… but I’m not prone to spend those money just to have more input power (as 2000w is enough for me).

  • WiFi: it’s 2023! I was shocked to see that it didn’t had a WiFi interface. :( Even my coffee machine has one! :D

If it had all those 3 feature above… it would be perfect!

Maybe not ideal, but maybe simpler, connect the AC adapter charger thru a programmable digital timer :tipping_hand_man:. Programed to go on and off at desired times. For the example, we are creatures of habits, and know about what time of the day the SOC% drops below 50%, we can use that time, and program the timer to turn on the AC, and turn it off after X hours.

I’m using a more advanced feature than this, that doesn’t leave space to “guessing”: with Home Assistant I monitor the battery charging, the output and the solar input, switching whatever I need to switch via automations.
But (and that’s what I was referring to…), this is a pretty advanced solution not accessible to the “everyday user”, there’s people that would never invest time to do this and would have preferred a plug&play solution offered by Google Home and such.