AC200MAX vs. AC300?

Looking for a unit with more solar input and more storage capacity than my AC200P. It’s possible either the 200MAX or 300 would work, but I do like the larger solar input of the 300.

This unit would be for mostly continuous use and I have one question, and I am a newbie - does the smaller inverter on the 200 MAX use less of it’s own energy than the larger inverter on the 300?

I really don’t need more than a 2200 watt inverter.

I haven’t tested the idle consumption in each of them, but generally you can count on an inverter using 1% of its rated power when idle. So by that token, yes, the AC300 will use more.

Another thing to consider is portability. The AC300 requires the B300 to work, where the 200Max is all in one. So if you ever want to move it around, the AC200Max will be better.

The AC300 is better if you need 2200-3000w, for stationary use when you have lots of solar.


Also you can use B300s to expand the capacity of the MAX

I heard someone complain about a battery issue with the B300. Anyone know if that’s been corrected? I probably need to wait a few months to see if any issues get worked out.

Hi @markieboy711

Thank you for your attention.
We have solved B300’s issue. And we have sent packages before order 10436.

Do you know when you will start selling these to Canada?

Hello @snowstorm,

Thank you for asking.
AC300 will be available in June. AC200MAX and B230 in March.

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