AC200Max Van Integration with shore, dual Alternator/Inverter and Solar, + ground

I am planning on using the AC200MAX as the heart of my van build electrical system. See attached diagram.

My requirements:
Dual charging from my 150A Van Alternator and a 400W Solar Panel
15A Shore Power

My Questions:
How do I ground this system? Ive read a bit about generators/vans/grounding and don’t understand why its not important to have a battery generator grounded. There isn’t much guidance on using this type of product in a semi-permanent install.

  1. Anyone see anything sub optimal or wrong?

Please let me know if it works…especially with the alternator charging setup…DC to AC ? The killing switch is on this double circuit (Alternator or shore power) is On/Off or you are planning to switch manually from shore to alternator depending on situation?
I bought this same unit 2 months ago and used the 30A DC outlet to feed up my Blue Sea 12V fuse box. All my DC devices works Ok except Espar Diesel Heater! I dont know why (maybe the OEM Espar wires are too long or maybe i should plug the Espar directly on the AC200MAX skipping the fuse box (since there is already a fuse on OEM positive wire) ?? Or maybe the unit is not producing a constant 12V current (current drop) that trigger an error code on Espar heater. BTW, when plugging the Espar directly on a 12 battery terminals, it works fine!!!

Any luck figuring this out? I just plugged my Espar into the 30 amp DC port on my brand new AC200MAX for the first time yesterday (with and without a 15 amp fuse box in the middle) and had the same problem. The heater works fine in the shop when it’s hooked up to a different 12V lithium battery, but not the Bluetti. I’m debating whether to return the Bluetti at this point, since the whole reason I switched from my Jackery was to get a DC port running >10 amps to power the heater.

Hi Tim. Sorry for the late reply. I was trying to fix this problem with Bluetti technical support but they finally told me it’s a hardware problem they cant fix. Basically, it is a voltage drop that triggers an error code on the Espar Diesel Heater. Hopefully they will fix this issue in next generation. Too bad, because it would have been perfect for my needs.