AC200MAX UK Earth / Grounding

I have raised the question to Bluetti regarding how the earth/ground connection is configured on the UK AC200MAX model 240v, so I can get installed a changeover/transfer switch in the UK.- No Response has been received.

I hope Bluetti will answer

Does any one know the answer. Thanks for any advice.

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Hi did you figure this out in the end as have the same question.

@montgomery @EyesUp
Please connect the ground wire to the wall plug separately, refer to the diagram below.

This is how I currently have it wired. White flex is connected to the Ac300 via 13amp plug and earth is fed to earth bar but this doesn’t earth the sockets.

AC300 is floating grounded, you will need to connect our machine to a socket with a ground for charging, or ground for the AC output.

I’m only ever charging from PV so don’t need to do that side but I’m not sure what you mean by grounding at the ac output and how to do that. It’s outputting to a transfer switch that switches neutral and live and as the bluetti doesn’t have a ground connection I am left with the ground wire from the flex fed from the bluetti.

With this I have fed it to the ground/earth bar as in the picture but that doesn’t seem to earth the sockets on the ring.