AC200Max twice as system


usually you extend a AC200Max with a B230, but they are a still fairly expensive vs current market LiFePo prices now dropping to 250EUR/kwh for known suppliers!

I have chance to get a second AC200Max fairly cheap, is it possible to couple with sample cable two AC200Max & one is taking over as Master?

Assume not, but would be cool couple, das both would allow full PV input…

Let’s see … What if you plugged a Bluetti T500 power brick into one AC200MAX and used it to charge the other AC200MAX? Or you could connect a cable from the DC 30A RV port to the PV port on the other AC200MAX. You could still input solar on the “master” MAX using the D050S DC charging enhancer.

If you have more than 1 Portable Power Station, then one can do what I like to call, division of power labor :tipping_hand_man:. See the screenshot for using 3 power stations, with 3 programmable digital timers and 2 ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) :tipping_hand_man:. Have done this in my Motorhome / RV. So while one power station is being used, the others are being charged without a load :tipping_hand_man:.

For 2 power stations, You would use 2 digital timers and one ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) :tipping_hand_man:. Maybe not what you had in mind, but cool me thinks :tipping_hand_man:.