AC200MAX switches off AC unasked; in 'ECO-off' mode

With ECO Mode On, after 4 hrs, if the load power remains less than 50 Watts, the AC will turn off :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:.

The 50 Watts, Is this Active or Real Power load :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: or Apparent Power Load :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:.

We need to be careful of what Power we are discussing :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:. Active or Real Power, or Apparent Power displayed on the screen or the app :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:

@bluetti_iamrouelfmaccom The title says ECO Mode Off

Yes, I see how my reply can be confusing, … was trying to make the point that We need to be careful of what Power we are discussing, Active or Real Power, or Apparent Power. The AC200MAX display on the screen or the app shows a power, Watts, but that is Apparent Power, is not the Active, or Real, or True Power. Have used a Kill-A-Watt meter to measure the Active or Real Power.

bluetti_iamrouelfmaccom Hi, I understand the distinction between the different sorts of power (Real or Active versus Apparent), and in some cases it might be important to know, especially when using the unit in Eco mode.

I have no Kill-A-Watt meter at home, but

  1. in ECO Mode OFF the unit should still not switch off the AC-power;
  2. I doubt that a freezer and a fridge (and sometimes other devices) would work at less than 50W during 4 hours, but this is unimportant in combination with the Eco Mode Off;
  3. if the freezer can come down in less than a daytime (8 hours) from -19°C to -6°C, it means it needs at least a constant supply of electricity to obtain its temperature -it isn’t very performant thermic-isolation-wise, which must be more than 50W (and + fridge who consumes on and off 80W, as is also mentioned on the label in the fridge).

I have the exact same issue on my AC180. The AC keeps shutting off…please help!

  • I have disabled ECO mode
  • I have performed all the firmware upgrades
  • The AC180 has no error msgs, it just shuts off.
  • When it shuts of it’s off completely, no AC, DC, and no Bluetooth app connection
  • When I power it back on it works fine.

@martydart Kindly check the reply on your post My new AC180 keeps turning completely off even though ECO mode is disabled for AC - #3 by BLUETTI_CARE.

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