AC200MAX solar in lower than it should be

Hello, I recently received my AC200MAX and everything seemed fine until I tested solar. I put three 100W 12v panels in series and hooked it up and it started charging. It’s a little hazy today so I didn’t expect anything near 300w, but was suprised when it was only about 80w. I did a bit of testing, but I’ll skip to the end of my testing. I have two 100w panels in series on a slighty hazy day with a inline meter. When I hook this up to my AC180, I get between 130-135 watts both shown on the AC180 and the inline meter. When I switch the panels over to the AC200MAX, both the display and the inline meter show between 62-72w. I’ve gone back and forth between the AC180 and AC200MAX, and no matter the lighting, the AC180 always seems to show nearly twice the watts as the AC200MAX.

The AC200Max doesn’t show it needs any firmware upgrades. Current versions are:
ARM v4030.16
DSP v4005.07
BMS v1017.03

Any suggestions on what’s going on?

Should I go ahead and contact support? I really hope I don’t have to ship it back :frowning:

Thanks for any help,

Make sure it is on PV mode and not car charge mode in settings.


Hi @rgb

When the AC180 seems to work fine, it must be something on your AC200MAX. The easist thing i would try is to compare the seetings between theese to units. The idea from @Chorlton with the input settings can be one of the factors.




Thank you Chorlton - that took care of it!!!

I’ve owned a few power stations and for most as long as the voltage in range, it got the max it could out of it. This is the first one I know of that has this setting. (or the default was PV ).
I vaguely remember seeing this in the manual before I actualy got it, but it didn’t click when the problem showed up. I guess I should take another look at the manual to see what else might trip me up.

Thanks again Chorlton,

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Great news , glad it is working for you !