AC200MAX SOC erratic

I have an AC200MAX bought a year ago
Serial AC200M2253000447706
DSP 4005.07
ARM 4008.05
BMS 1017.02
HMI 6037.04
It has the same problem as others, that the SOC does large steps after discharge or charge
The Android App is 2.2.8 with account created and signed in
Going into Settings there is only greyed-out
ARM v4008.05
DSP v4005.07
How do I get the BMS, and other, updates?

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@Squidge Please log in with your account, connect with Bluetooth, then update BMS firmware to be latest one. After the firmware update, please completely drain the battery until it automatically shuts down, and then charge it with AC until it is fully charged and automatically shuts down

When I go into Settings | Version I still only see the greyed-out ARM and DSP versions
Under Battery Pack, as before, see only Pack1 highlighted and BMS Status as Standby
Have tried signing out and back into the App, turning the AC200Max on and off
Tested connected to the internet
What am I missing?

@Squidge Please check the steps below

If you still can’t see the update, please take a short video and I can chcek.

Thank you for your help
Sorry to be stupid, I see the Upload button but it only does images. How do I send you a video?

Sorry, brain lapse

Don’t click on “Bluetooth” but on “my devices” and follow the steps.

Aaaaaah. Went into there days ago and did the bind. Didn’t realise could connect from there as well, and get the extra functions.
DSP and BMS are now successfully upgraded, and will do the discharge/charge cycling tomorrow.
Thankyou for your help and patience.

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@Squidge Looking forward to your update.

All good. Have been using the box the same as before. Before got wild SOC changes, now rock solid.