AC200MAX - set max charge level e.g. 80%


Iam purchased my AC200MAX mainly to have backup for power failure situation, hopefully rarely happen and want to keep it charged in the range 70-80%, !

Meanwhile it shall puffer over-power from PV during day and change device over night. To extend lifetime, would it not be worse to set target charge level (e.g. like in EV of available)? In crises I can extend to 100%, but would not need during normal use if beneficial for LiFePo lifetime…

Hi @mini_PV , very sorry.
AC200MAX does not have UPS function and cannot be customized to set UPS charging mode.

Maybe not perfectly described - but Iam not looking for a UPS function.

My PS is beeing charged in case of not consumed power from PV via AC.
I will only manually use power of Bluetti - for other devices to charge or similar.

But running in this mode, would be good function to limit charge, not looking each time how high it is.

There is no way to do this right now with the AC200MAX but the AC300 has this function.

I was looking for the same.
I think this funcionality is a must for preserving battery life.
@BLUETTI Please consider to add it to the new realeases of the app and the AC200Max firmware.

Hi @Serranillos , Thank you very much for your suggestion, we will submit it to the relevant departments to see if there is a possibility of upgrading.

Thanks a lot.