AC200Max screen does not pick up B230 SOC

I just bought an AC200Max and two B230’s. The 200 Max is currently charged at 35% (per the screen) and the B230’s are charged at 80% (per the B230 lights). The three are connected by their cables but the screen of the 200Max does not show the B230 info (SOC etc.) What am I doing wrong?

@bluetti_nanshop57gmailcom Please follow the following methods to troubleshoot:

  1. Check if the battery connection cable is locked. The cable switch OFF-ON to push in place (both sides).
  2. B230 needs to be in the power-on.
  3. AC200Max has two battery connection ports, try cross-connecting both ports.
  4. You have two battery connection cables, try cross-connecting both cables.

Thank you! The problem was that not all the “cable switches” were in the “on” position. I did not realize that they were electrical switches. Also for future reference, what does it mean to “cross-connect” cables? Thanks again!