Ac200max running time

How long would a ac200 max run heating my whirlpool? Does anyone know or tried that

Impossible to answer without any information given. That is like asking how far will my car go on a tank of gas without any other info.

need to know how many watts your device takes and at what voltage.

My pool need 2200wat to heat and 800watts to use the bubble function

So the AC200Max has a 2kWh battery at ~85% efficiency so about 1700 Wh.

If you run a load of 2200wH then should get a runtime of 46 minutes.

Be aware that the maximum load of the AC200Max is 2200W so you are right at the limit.

Also - the AC200Max can only run 120V loads … I’m guessing the spa is 240V since on 120V you would be on the max of a 20A breaker too.

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So buying extra batteries wouldn’t or would help this sorry if it a soft question and all new at this and charging at the same time would extend this time or would it use more quicker than it would recharge from the solar

Is the spa 120V? If no, then you cannot run it at all.
Is the draw always 2200W? If so, you are right at the limit and I would not suggest it.

I have not tried a sustained draw of 2200W from the unit yet, but if you go over you will probably get an alarm.

Ok thanks for you reply