AC200max reduced charging power options


I want to charge my AC200max with reduce power (vs 500W default power supply) to make best use of not consumed PV overhead (in my case usually 200-400Watt unused).
AC charging would be automatically activated with a relai via HomeAssistant, when house power meters see sufficient unused energy to start charging…

Please correct me if this option is not reasonable/ not good for bluetti itself/ worse efficiency…

Car charge plug - 24V - DC input set to “others”

  1. AC power supply wirh DC 24V/10A → 8,2A *24V approx 200W
  2. Are there other ways to control/reduce charging power of default 500W supply?


Can I also connect the 24V/10A Power supply in solar mode (e.g. MeanWell DRP-240-24 - 40EUR…)?

  • As I understand, the Bluetti will automatically the turn on, which is better.


  • I would then use max current of 10A (not optimal for power supply vs 80%), but cannot be limited by Bluetti or reaching 15A…
  • What do I need to consider for power supply beside over current protection?

Hi @mini_PV , sorry for late reply.

  1. Adapter charging 500W is the default, which can not be reduced.
  2. PV and car charging can not be used together
  3. In addition to overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection, etc.

Hope above will help. :grinning:


thanks for confirmation.
Only confusing is - using a power supply with 24/10A output directly connected with XT90:

Surprisingly I get 196W independent if I activate the mode “PV” or “Car” mode - means both run at 24Vx8,2A. For car mode as defined, but in PV mode it should be 24Vx10A = 240W or not (as 15A is max rated)?

Remark for other users:

Auto turn on function in mode “PV” is really great for automation, you can easily activitate the power supply with e.g. a relay in case of more sun power than consumed to charge nicely the bluetti!