AC200max reading 3 times more wattage

Hi i have just received my AC200max. After watching and reading numerous reviews about the 200max having a problem with the wattage not reading correctly when low watt devices are plugged into it. Now i know the inverter uses some watts whilst on but im running my 24" lcd tv which draws 24watts constant on the EB70 that i also have and i can watch it for hours on end but when its plugged into the Ac200max it shows 0 watts on the screen. So when i plug in a kill O watt meter with the tv plugged into it and into the AC200max it shows 24 watts on th meter but 105w on the screen of the bluetti thats 3 times the power of the tv itself. and its draining the battery down 3 times faster than it should. Now i know im not the only one that has this problem but that to me seems like a major problem. My DSP is 4005.07 My ARM is 4008.03 BMS is 1017.02 and the HMI is 6037.03 My Serial number is 2217000849244 I would appreciate it if someone from @BLUETTI push me to the correct firmware update ASAP and not an update that will start giving me error codes etc etc has this problem been fully fixed thanks regards Shane.

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So your TV pulls 24W as indicated on your watt meter and EB70. But pulls indicates 100W when plugged into AC200Max through the watt meter, but 0W indicated when directly into the AC200Max?

The building meter of the AC200Max isn’t very accurate for power draws around 24W.

If your watt meter reads 24W then it should be pulling 24W.

You can try to run a capacity test, plug in something that uses around 1000W through the watt meter and run it from 100% down to cut off to check the capacity. If you get >80% then all should be in order. Be sure to charge it back up to at least 20% if not more right after.

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@Carpcather10 The ac200max shows the apparent power and the power meter shows the active power, so it will cause some difference.
Also I have asked the engineer to push you a new BMS version, please update it to see if the problem is improved.

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Well to be honest then the apparent power is like saying its guessing what it is then. A £2000+ machine should not be guessing it should be 100% accurate. That to me is not accurate and means there is a major problem with whatever bms or software has been put into the systems on the AC200max, as even the EB70 reads anything i plug into it correctly being from 1watt to over 1000w to the wattage thats on the label of the product being plugged in, and the battery drains correctly as it should. I mean there is obviously a problem with something as on its own the tv plugged in reads 0 zero on the AC but the battery drains as if theres 105w going in but its only a 24watt device. So would that mean there is a software problem or a hardware problem and how hard is that to fix and repair with a working software. Having just done the update i am now getting 24w on the kill o watt meter and a fluctuating 75/76 watts on the screen before the update it was 105w on the ac200max so it has improved by 30 watts but is still reading twice the power of the device plugged in so where do i go from here as the bluetti isnt faulty its the software that seems to be the problem so its going to need fixing further. Can you send me another firmware update that will rectify this further thank you kind regards.

I have also just plugged my 75w laptop into the kill o watt meter and it reads 75.4 watts but the ac200max is reading 153 watts double what it should be so everything i plug in is using double the battery power there is nothing wrong with the kill o watt meter as i have 2 of them and both read same results also laptop draws 75w out of the bluetti EB70 when plugged into it. So whatever the engineer did that you spoke with needs to alter it more and send me another update thanks again.