AC200Max Priority charging defaults to AC?!

While I was setting up my AC200Max and played with different setups I sadly realized it prioritizes AC charging over solar! See the screenshot! I did not find any reference regarding changing charging priority but I have to say on a solar “generator” it is a pretty big miss!

I hope bluetti will address this in an upcoming firmware update because until then instead of using solar priority I am using grid priority to run my appliances which is def not what I want.

Any thoughts and tips are welcome how to change settings - maybe I just missed something?

when unplugged the charger the whole AC out was supported by solar panels (only allowed to post one picture as a newbie)

As far as I know there is no priority on the AC200MAX.

Both inputs will just take the max they can.

Thanks, that is what it seems like - would be nice to have control over these settings. I would love to set PV input priority when the output power is less than the PV input just do not use AC charger.

For now I can live with this, and fingers crossed for future updates for more advanced configurations options.

Hi @gycsontos , sorry for inconvenience caused.
As the machine is not unified in the factory to do set the priority charging mode requirements, this charging mode is required to manually set their own. Hope to get your understanding, thanks again for your support!

I have found a work around for this so as to allow unrestricted Solar (PV) charging to the AC200Max.
If you have at least one B230 battery connected to the AC200Max then plug the T500 charger into the B230 battery to charge rather than plugging into the AC200Max to charge.
This allows full PV charging to the AC200Max rather than the AC200Max prioritising mains power input.
Obviously when total battery capacity is at 100% PV will cut off until it drops back to 99%.
If yo have 2 x B230 batteries connected to the AC200Max you can plug a T500 charger into each of the batteries if extra mains charging is required.

You are correct in your reply, but only up until 99% (approx).
At that point the AC200Max will prioritise mains input if both are connected to the AC200Max.