AC200Max powers down to 0% after little use

I fully charge my AC200max and may run it for LED lights etc for a day, it may drop down to 80% and then the next day (no power draw overnight) it reads 0%. I charge it with my generator and once it gets to 15% it jumps immediately to 100%. anyone else with this issue?

Hi @ashlee

first off all you should check, if there is a firmware update for the BMS of the Machine via the Bluetti App. If you are up-to-date or the update doesnt fix your issue, you should to a recalibrtion of the SoC.

To do that, discharge the unit unit it shutdown all outputs. Recharge via AC (Grid) on a constant rate until your AC200Max doesnt take any input. In the next step, discharge the AC200Max at a constant rate, like with a electric heater, infrared light etc. Which draw the same amount of power all the time. Wait again until the unit shutdown and recharge it a last time via grid.

You now should be fine again.


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