AC200Max On-Grid Off-Grid

Is anyone knows if I can connect my AC200Max while I receive AC from national provider (on-grid)
And also when I am Off-grid if I use my onwn battery AC in my house if inverters can work : it is to say security done for not sending my own inverter AC to national electric cable is bypass. It is not my desire to bypass but the day there will be no more national electricity (war, solar flash, etc…) I want to be able to use my solar panels electricity without charging directly my battery on PV through MC4 connectors.
Last question In the case I bypass security inverters (inverters still running off-grid) what electricity I will use first : my solar pannels or my AC200Max battery.
By the way I have been told that in the US now they sales inverters that can work out-grid : IQ8 Enphase. Is anyone using them ?
Hope my english is good enough to be understood because I am french
Thanks for your help

My wife speak/read french/English, feel free to ask in french. I not sure what you are asking.

I have the ac200max. I have plug my 30 Amp plug on my RV to the Bluetti and it ran my Air condition (1200), peaked 1700 watts, with just fan 200 watts. Anything I use from shore power worked with my AC200MAX. To charge it, I used the charger which gave me 110 watts when I plug into my Honda Generator. I hook up 3 x 100 amp lifepo4 battery to my PV socket, giving me 330 watts. A total of about 700-800 watts. I haven’t installed my solar panel, (plan is 1200 watts) so use the batteries for now.

One should not put in series BMS batteries, but for testing it worked. Normally I put in parallel (300 ah).

Hopefully this may answer some of your questions, otherwise french option is there.

Thank you for your answer Aly and french helping if my english is not good enough to be understood.
I want to inject the AC200Max electricity in my house directly connected in a plug while I am still using national electricity provider (discharge on-grid)
Have you already done that ?
So far I have tested all my house connected to the battery without using at the same time the national provider electricity (the electricity goes from the battery to one plug and it is distributed through the electric switchboard in all my house, so I have electricity everywhere in the house while I am off-grid)
Have a good day

Sound like you are wanting ups system. I did similiar with my RV 30 amp service. But switching from one grid to another source requires more equipment for auto switch. Otherwise I do it manually on my rv.

If I wanted to do this I would install the Victron Multiplus Unit (all in one package). It does a beautiful job switching from shore power to rv system and visa versa. Has the MPPT, Solar controller, battery charger. It would act as a UPS system for the whole RV Trailer.

It can be cheaper than the Bluetti if you already have a battery bank, or only need 200 amp lifepo4. Very clean install, just hook up AC and battery and that it.

You may find getting Victron Multiplus would be more cost effective and easier.

With the Bluetti you may run into issue with ground loops, floating grounds with you house wiring. If you only need to operate some essential appliance, you would need to do some electrical wiring and installation. Could be done, but I wouldn’t do that at my place.

In event of grid failure, I run heavy extension and plug in the essential that I want at the time, such as internet and/or fridge, freezer. etc.

I did that with Bluetti EB3 and worked flawless. However I return it due to buzzing/high pitch fan noise. May get it later after that issue is resolved, probably in 6 months or so

Thank you Aly it is very usefull
have a good day