AC200max NOT charging with Power Supply AND Solar


I have a AC200Max together with a B230 Battery and 2 solar panels connected. In summertime I was able to charge the batterie with the Power supply and the Solar panels at the same time. Now in winter the solar input turns off as soon as I switch on the Power supply. Any reason for this ?
Yesterday suddenly I managed to get it working again together after rebooting and switching the outputs ( AC/DC). Today it is not charging with 2 inputs contemporaneous again.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


@T.Emmerich Welcome to the forum !!
So the unit will charge from either the PV OR the AC brick, but not simultaneously at the same time anymore? When you have the t400 or t500 charging brick attached, the light should be red when charging, correct? And then when you attach the solar input, does the light on the charging brick remain the same color? Could you upload a quick video showing you charging it from both sources individually, and then with both at the same time, so we can get a better visual of what is happening by chance?

@T.Emmerich and in the meantime for a quick work-around would be to use the charging brick plugged into your b230 battery, and then leave PV into the AC200Max…

Hi m.briney,

I can monitor the Bluetti AC200max with Home Assistant. Right now it is a sunny day and the solar panels deliver about 300W. This is also shown in the display on the left upper corner for PV Input.
As soon as I turn on the Power Supply which delivers 540W ( also shown in the display upper right ) the Solar input turns to 0 ( upper left corner in the display ). Usually both inputs are turned on and charge in this case with about 840W. in summertime there has never been a problem like this…

@T.Emmerich Also… make sure your VOC of your panels is within the range needed for the AC200Max. (10-145V) And that you have it set up to “PV” charging mode within the settings of the max and not “Other”

Good idea - I have not tried to plug in the Power supply to the B230.
The panels are compatible since they worked fine for 1,5 years with the AC200max.

I have not seen the option for “PV” charging mode…will check later.

Yesterday suddenly it worked fine again…

@T.Emmerich wait… lol you’re getting 540w from the t500 power supply brick?? The AC200Max has max input of 500w via the AC input and I thought the t500 actually only put out 490ish watts?

NOTE TO ADD: not sure why this graphic shows 50hz selected for US 120v operations… but if you’re here in the US, I recommend using 60hz for sure.

I do not know the brick model number but I can charge with 539W.
Okay - I will check later when I am at home again.
I remember the AC Output frequency is set to 50Hz…and wondered if this is correct.

I will let you know - thanks !

I am from Germany - and therefore 50Hz is correct…just googled it. ;)

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Correct, for germany please select 230V 50hz!

Hello again,

so I checked my Bluetti today. The settings are correct…it can not even be changed from PV to other when PV is connected.
Yesterday suddenly the PV input started after a while when the power supply was running.
Today - PV input stopped directly when I turned on the power supply again. What is the reason ? Any other thoughts ?

@T.Emmerich Are there any recent error codes listed? You can access those within the settings display on the unit.

And the unit wont allow you to change those incoming charge settings if it is sensing an input source. Try disconnecting the PV cable, changing settings to PV, and then reconnect solar input.

Also… have you been experiencing any major temperature fluctuations? Like is it too cold or too hot where the unit is located by chance? I ask because the sporadic nature of your charging/not charging is strange. If the unit is too cold ( I live in Michigan and its snowing and have freezing temps currently) so the units protections successfully kick into place and wont allow the Bluetti to charge/discharge until things get warmed up. This is an awesome feature as it protects the units cells.

Just like I wrote in my first post : now is wintertime in Germany and the battery is located in my garage ( currently 0 degrees Fahrenheit ).
It seems like you are hitting the point that the battery protects itself because of cold temperatures. That‘s why I never experienced this behavior in summertime.

I will keep an eye in it if things turn back to normal when the temperature rises again.

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@T.Emmerich Would it be better if you tried putting the machine indoors?

@T.Emmerich I want to be clear that I dont work for Bluetti so this is not advice from them… lol so take it for what it is as I’m not sure how it would effect possible voiding of any warranty or whatever… but I have heard of users using a low powered heating pad such as this to keep their units warm…

I live here in Michigan and use something similar in my camper for my lifepo4 setup as it gets pretty daamn cold here, and it has worked great. Low wattage and includes a thermostat to prevent it from getting “TOO hot” but absolutely has done the trick to take the chill off in my configuration.