AC200MAX not charging with 2 Solar Panels set up in Series

The Bluetti input display is showing 43.3 Volts and with Input Power at 0 W. I’m using 2 Grape Solar 100W Each Panel. Does anyone know why I’m not getting any input charging? Thanks in advance for any help on this!

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Make sure the input source in the menu is set to PV.

To add to @Chorlton’s answer: on your AC200Max’s Settings page, make sure the DC Input Source is set to PV. To change it you have to unplug your solar input:

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Thanks I just tried that and still nothing. I unplugged, changed the setting input to PV and plugged back in. The Voltage input is fluctuating sometimes as high as 45 but the input Power is still showing 0. Is there anything else that I can try?

Maybe I have a defective device? It charges fine through the outlet charger.

  • What’s the make/model of your panels?
  • Try connecting one panel at a time
  • Try connecting both panels in parallel (if you have an MC4 Y/parallel-adapter)
  • Do you have any other power stations you can test them on? (mind the max voltage ranges on the smaller stations which have a max of 28V)

*Using 2 Grape Solar 100W Panels GS-Star-100W-Mono
*Tried one panel at a time, unit displayed half the voltage and again 0 input power.
*no adapter
*no other power station

Have you been able to charge your AC200Max from solar in the past? Are the MC4 connections securely connected? Does AC charging work with the included adapter?

This is the first time I try with solar, but normal AC charging is ok. Yes connectors are secure.

See attached picture. The 5 dots from the summary screen progress as if it’s charging. The voltage shows but again 0 power input.

The pictures explain why you’re having issues, good idea sharing them. It’s because you’re plugging solar into the AC port instead of the solar/PV port. The AC port does not accept anything except the AC adapter or D050S charging enhancer. With the AC200Max you will have received an aviation to MC4 cable, you need to use that.

How-to Video: AC200MAX | Solar Charging Tutorial - YouTube

Thank you so much! Odd that I didn’t receive any of these cables. If you don’t mind, can you please post a link to the cables that I need? I watched the video you provided and it looks like I need two additional cables, right? I just want to verify I buy the right cables that I need to charge my AC200Max. Thanks!

Yes, those are the 2 cables you’ll need. First try reaching out to the store that sold you your ac200max, else, contact

Great, thanks. I purchased on Amazon and just reached out to the seller (Bluetti). Thanks!

I got my cables today from Bluetti and all is working great now. Thanks again everyone for all the help. There’s some great support here on this forum. A big thank you to Bluetti for sending out the missing cables. Thanks!