AC200MAX no longer charging from AC Adapter

Have an AC200MAX that has been running fine for a month. It will no longer take a charge from the AC adapter. Charges from the PV and will dual charge from PV and AC when PV is providing input. When PV stops (dark) AC charging stops. AC adapter works fine to charge the two B230’s (independently) so doesn’t seem to be an adapter issue.

Sounds like a soft/firmware issue - as a sanity check i’d discharge/recharge fully and re-install the app - check for update release and try again.

Check the individual cell voltage. Do a complete disconnect and shut down, restart first.

Thank you for replying. I charged each component fully (2x B230’s using ac adapter) and AC200Max using PV and AC adapter.

I have reconnected everything and both B230’s are still 100% and in standby while AC200Max is discharging (96%).

I have PV and AC Adapter connected to AC200 and only PV is giving power, AC input is showing 53-54v but not drawing and power.

Your AC adapter is most likely defective (out-of-spec). 51.0V is a bit on the low side. The reason why it still works with your B230s, independently, is because the input plugs on those are “MPPT/PV” inputs so it’ll accept a wide-range of voltages. The “AC adapter” input on the AC200MAX expects around 58V and only works when it’s around 58V. I would contact BLUETTI for a replacement AC adapter.

I took a look at mine, my ac200max is at 86 percent and the 55 volts and charging 404 watts. His unit is close to fully charge, so it seems with my unit the voltage varies as it charges.

I let it fully charge and see if voltage varies… I report once it is done

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Thanks for the input since I don’t have my AC200MAX in front of me.

55.4V at 404W means it shouldn’t drop lower than 55V at full-load. The lower the load (as it begins to taper off and charge less), the voltage should rise above 55V, probably close to 58V at no-load. The fact that his AC200MAX only shows 51V at 0 watts (no-load) which is 4V lower than 55V at full-load is an indication to me, that the 51V at zero load AC adapter is now out-of-spec (defective).

Other irony is here, BLUETTI should have just made the AC200MAX have two MPPT controllers instead of one MPPT controller input and an “AC adapter” input.

If an out-of-spec 58VDC AC adapter starts to voltage sag, at least the MPPT controller could compensate and still pull power from the AC adapter. However, it would be harder without digging into the details to know that your AC adapter was going bad unless you started noticing that it wasn’t delivering full power (either 400W for the old AC adapter or 500W with the newer T500 adapters).

Thank you both for this input. I have attempted to connect with support for over a week with little progress. I have just ordered a new ac adapter (T400) and will see if that fixes it. Hopefully support gets back to me on the replacement for the existing but seems like a slow process.

Update: I just check my ac200max, it now 100 percent charge and ac charger is 59 volts.

I starting to watch the individual cells, it seem they are still doing balancing.

Thanks Alex. Pardon my ignorance but how did you get the detailed screen (cell levels)? I don’t seem to have that page on my interface.

It kind of hidden.
Select Data, hit bms management and then top left cornoer, tap several times.

Here some info you may find interesting, another option. I notice lots of people are trying to use their bluetti as a replacement/backup for their house when grid goes down. It can be done, but some hurdles one has to go through and their are cheaper/better way of doing it.

I took another shot of the individual cell. Unit full charge, charger stay green but internally the unit is balancing the cell with it own power.

I am verifying if all the cell reach 3.37 volts. to give total 59.2. chart saying it at 53.8.

Perfect. Thank you.

Re Victron - I run a Quattro on one of my boats and is a great product - 6x 37ah 58v li batteries - I grabbed the Bluetti because of the apparent simplicity and portability. Unfortunately it is perhaps not as resilient.

I agree. The unit is strictly for emergency use and when I don’t want to use generator at home and/or essential equipment for some sites.

I probably will go with multiplus for the RV. No rush, still waiting for product to arrive.

Update - support has responded and is shipping out replacement ac adapter.

Nice, to hear that. Thumb up for Bluetti response to you!

Hi. Is this the area you are refering to to hit multiple times?

Does not work with my system :unamused:

Yes - you have to access it from the Data menu, BMS. It doesn’t work if you use the shortcut to the BMS screen.

You have to tap it multiple times (it will beep each time). I think I tap mine 5-10 times before it changes.

You have to switch the language to english before it works.