AC200Max | Nighttime Shut-Off Issue Despite Full Charge

Hello everyone,

I’ve been relying on my AC 200 Max for quite some time and recently stumbled upon a concerning issue. A few months back, the unit would seamlessly restart once my solar panels began providing voltage in the early hours. However, lately, it refuses to restart automatically, even when the panels are actively feeding power.

To give you a better picture, I’ve attached photos detailing the version and morning voltage readings. Interestingly, the Eco mode is turned off, and the issue persists even when the BLUETTI is charged to 95% or even a full 100%.

Has anyone faced a similar challenge or have any insights on potential fixes? Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your time and help!

@TxNet It seems that the topic and body are not the same question. For the “Nighttime Shut-Off Issue”, it is normal that AC200MAX will shut off automatically without any operation for 4 hours. For another problem, if the PV input is too low, the AC200MAX is not charged actually, so it will not be switched on automatically.

Hi, mine seems to do the same ,
what is the minimum watts/voltage required to automatically turn back on and charge ?

@mossup The solar input voltage range is 10-145V.